These 16 Food Facts Will Make You Question Everything

When it comes to food, I live by the motto “just eat it.”

I don’t exactly take the time to think about where my food comes from or whether or not what I’m being sold is actually what I’m getting. But as it turns out, maybe I should start.

I’m pretty upset that up until today, a majority of the food facts below were totally unknown to me. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I feel like my entire dietary history has been a lie. Once you check out these 16 unbelievable food facts, I guarantee that your food perspective will change, too.

1. If you rip off the packaging, you’ll see that a cup of noodles is anything but.

Allegedly, there is excess room because the noodles expand while cooking.

2. The USDA allows for up to 30 fruit fly eggs per 100 grams to be present in your tomato ketchup.

3. That gallon of OJ in your fridge is actually artificially flavored.

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4. Red peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges.

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5. Despite the color difference, all Froot Loops taste the same.

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6. Figs are pollinated by female wasps, many of which lay their eggs inside the fruit.

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7. Honey never expires. It will taste the same in 100 years as it does now.

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8. Every one of your McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets comes in one of four shapes.