Handling Landlord+ How bad is my problem?

Okay, floor time.

About a month ago we acquired really tiny beetles in our kitchen – merely ever in the drop and on two united countertops immediately beside it. We thought that they were pantry beetles, but observed no evidence of the pests in our flour or other cereal. Weird. We try to clean a little better( at the time I frequently did my dinner foods in the morning ), and they decreased in number.

Then one day there used to be a lot more than usual. Like 8-10 and they sowed when the light-footed gone on. That was concerning.

Then we observed a big one. Not full on roach sized, but bigger. So I googled child roaches.

We had baby roaches.

So I freaked out and texted our landowner, I made some essential oil+ salt mixture and spread it around where they are generally hung out, and set out a baking-soda/ carbohydrate liquid paste. I did the recipes religiously, got rid of endure sea, and started realizing MAYBE two per nighttime, if that. Then after reminding out manner but forgetful landowner, he came and spread cockroach pulverize. They vanished for about a week.

Fast forward to maybe three days ago. I had received one adolescent roach, and reckoned perhaps I should call the landowner again. I made it off telling myself that thorough cleansing should keep them at Bay: they probably are the last survivors anyway.

Then on my kitchen counter, by my spear blockage( which they often secrete behind ), I find a freaking cockroach egg sack !!!

So my questions are this: what should I expect my landowner to do about this? We aren’t remaining around if he doesn’t sterilize it, although I would dislike to move. He is a stand up guy and let’s the lease default to month to month after a year, so we could move out ASAP if we had to.

Also, how many husks can be laid by one female? We are treated with German Cockroaches, though I have just been ensure two adults – and both in summer when a screen less window was open. We never dealt with them in mass. I guess what I am asking is if I should expect a new overflow of newborn roaches.

Anyway, I could use all the assistance I can get!

Oh and I maintained the egg in a lidded mason container to evidence him. He responded to my text saying to leave the powder, and that he would expand medication to the rest of the building. He assured me that he had had this happen before in another construct and that it hadn’t been a problem. He also didn’t respond to the fleck about saving the egg cod … should he have gotten a glitch being over to link it?

tl ;d r: had a minor child roach issue, proprietor placed bug gunpowder down before they became adults, then they went away – but I received an egg sack in my kitchen today.